Sentiment on Life: Beauty and Maturity

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Qin Si

[] I got up early one morning. Since my schedule was so tight that day, I spent minimal time on washing and makeup. That morning, I was going to be a judge at a performing arts competition. Before I left home, I took a look at myself in the wardrobe mirror. My attire was just like usual: plain colored striped shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

At that moment, a word jumped into my mind: mature. Several years ago, whenever I went to a party or an important occasion, I tried on so many different clothes in front of the mirror with unflagging patience. Like other girls, I wanted to dress up like a flower, attracting the most attention in the crowd. Was that beautiful? Perhaps. Nowadays, I am in favor of being natural, real, leisurely, elegant and calm in a crowd. In this colorful and noisy world, people get used to covering their weary bodies and souls with beautiful dresses. Although they are not old or they don’t look old, their hearts are worn out. A heart that wants to return to the origin doesn’t need delicate makeup to cover one’s true feeling.

I began to study art when I was young. I have always been pursuing inner beauty as well as external beauty. It seems every day I experience and ponder what is beauty. In the circle I live in, I get used to seeing beautiful but pale faces with vacant and sometimes confusing looks. Sigh! In this world where people place emphasis on outward appearances, too many young people think a beautiful outward appearance could win the whole world and everything in it!

After having seen so much “beauty,” I gradually enlightened: the beauty of a person is not only about the body, voice, talent and wisdom. The cultivation of one’s character will manifest the beauty and brilliance of a person’s spirit. It is like the wine after many years of aging, the more you drink, the more you enjoy the aroma and flavor.

If you ask the young men and women around you, almost everyone thirsts for success. But what is success? Success cannot be obtained without effort. In the art field, there is no limit to learning. Cultivating one’s inner character will calm down an impetuous mind; keep a simple mind, conduct oneself in society carefully and kindheartedly; work hard. Heaven rewards the hard-working ones. These are the key factors to obtaining “success” in the art field.

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