An Ancient Sage Teaches Others by Acting Righteously

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By Lu Wen


The following is a real story abut Governor Fang who instructed and influenced people by his words and deeds.

In the Five Dynasties of ancient China, Mr. Fang Jingbo worked as the governor in Qinghe. He was honest and incorruptible as a governor. Moreover, he was very obedient to his mother as a son. He was not only knowledgeable, but also very understanding and reasonable.

There was a lady in Jianqiu. Her son was not obedient. She listed many facts and sued him under Governor Fang’s dominion.

Governor Fang Jingbo’s mother said, “People here are still not reasonable and have no idea about justice and courtesy. As a governor, you haven’t applied guidance well. You must not blame them too much.”

Fang’s mother summoned the lady in the governor’s official residence and treated her with meals. She ordered the lady’s son to stand beside them while they were eating so that he could witness how Governor Fang Jingbo served his own mother. Afterward, the lady’s son was allowed to eat.

After ten days in the Governor’s residence, the lady’s son had seen Governor Fang’s respectful and cautious behavior and obedience to his mother. He talked to his own mother, “Mom, I am wrong. I will mend my comportment. From now on I will show my filial obedience to you. Let’s go home.”

Governor Fang’s mother said to Fang and the lady from Beiqiu, “Though your child expressed some shame, in his inner heart, he is not truly ashamed of himself.” Therefore, Fang’s mother kept the lady and her son from leaving the official residence for another 20 days.

20 days later, the lady’s son suddenly knelt down and kowtowed in front of his mother to show his repentance. The lady was so moved that her face was bathed in tears. She begged the governor to allow them to go back home.

In the end, the lady’s son became well-known in Beiqiu for being obedient to his mother.

The above article was edited according to a story in Ways of Accumulating Blessings and Mitigating Disasters(《集福消灾之道》) .

Posting date: 4/12/2011
Category: Traditional Culture
Chinese version available at文史漫谈-古代先贤正己化人故事选-238414.html


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