Several Ways to Earn Respect from Others

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Compiled by Reidar Riveland

Where does respect comes from?

Have you ever met someone who was rude to you; someone you did not respect very much? How did you feel? Did you feel annoyed? Peeved?

If you are a self-respecting individual, chances are you want others to treat you with respect. And, you know what? Old age isn’t a prerequisite, nor is it a magic key to gaining respect. Plenty of young people are highly respected by their elders. But I’ve also come across older people whom I’d never respect, because their actions are so out of line. It’s about how nobly you conduct yourself, your attitudes toward others, and your actions. Regardless of where you are or where you work, you can be well respected by others.

Be good at what you do

The most highly regarded people in our everyday lives are those who are honest and compassionate and are the best at what they do – including interpersonal relationships. People around us appreciate our skills and our sincerity in what we have to offer.

Respect others

Respect is a two-way street. If you want others to respect you, you have to respect others first. If you’ve ever come across someone who isn’t being respectful, you might think of just one person to whom you’re not being respectful. Rather than complain how people are not respectful, work on being respectful yourself to those people who might treat you shabbily. It might help you reach new heights in your relationships with others. Whenever someone is rude to me, I think of how I might have been rude to someone else and mend that relationship. It’s creates a positive atmosphere.

Honour what you say

No one likes a dishonest or unreliable person. A well-respected individual is one who is honest in his/her communications and can be trusted to do what he/she promises. I believe integrity is the first step to being our highest self. Living up to our commitments and delivering beyond promises is a priority. If for some reason we can’t honour our commitments, make sure we let the other party know and make up for it.

Be open to criticism

Contrary to popular belief, being respected doesn’t mean you won’t receive criticism – quite the opposite. The more you are known, the more criticism you’ll receive. We do wrong if we reject criticism and need to learn to handle criticism gracefully. People respect someone who is able to handle negative feedback and turn it into something positive.

Treat yourself with respect

Many of us seek respect from others, yet we often don’t respect ourselves. Have you ever criticised yourself harshly? Do you love yourself wholly and unconditionally? Do you treat yourself poorly by not getting enough sleep, proper diet or exercise? If you don’t respect yourself, you can’t hope to get respect from others. Start by loving yourself. Love from others will follow.

Conduct yourself properly

This includes dressing neatly, being well-mannered, using appropriate language, and having social etiquette. Often it is wiser to keep a closed mouth than to quickly reply to someone else’s comments.

Don’t bad-mouth others

Whether it is in a professional or social setting, it is inappropriate to bad-mouth people. You certainly don’t earn respect this way. If you’re unhappy with a certain individual and what he/she is doing, talk to him/her and work things out. Don’t talk behind his/her back. This kind of negative behaviour attracts gossip and negativity. Not only does it reflect badly on you as a person, it also hurts the other party, whether you realise it or not. Be honest and transparent in your communications.

Stand up for what you believe in

Have you ever come across people who simply agree with whatever others say without much thought? Being, “yes,” people becomes meaningless after a while. I have more respect for someone who kindly disagrees and stands up for himself/herself, than someone who parrots others. Likewise, it is by having a mind of your own that you get respect from others. Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in.

Be yourself

It is better to be your own original version rather than an exact duplicate of someone else. People respect individuals who are originals. Too many people try too hard to be someone else they are not, and in the end they don’t have a sense of identity. Discover who you are and what you stand for. What the world needs are more people who are true to themselves, not clones of others.

Be a role model

Actions speak louder than words. Are you a role model to others by way of your behaviour? Do you hold yourself to the highest code of conduct? You gain respect by “walking the talk.”
The most respected person is the one who inspires others to achieve their best and enables them to unlock their highest potential.

Source: Kan Zhong Guo


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