Please Smile

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Author: Zhang Liang

[] There was a woman who started to work in a textile mill when she was 19. Even though she was capable and worked diligently, her manager often created difficulties for her because he couldn’t stand employees who were better than he.

Instead of being dejected, she still smiled every day. She tried harder and used her spare time to study English. She knew she needed to continue living and it was better to equip herself with more skills.

Because of her optimism, she was promoted to assistant general manager.

After six years of marriage, her beloved husband had a new lover and left her and their four-year-old son. At that time, she started a factory and managed it. But she didn’t let the divorce dishearten her. Instead, she filled her post with high spirits and vigor. She was optimistic and always smiling.

Someone asked her: “Don’t you feel bad?”

She answered honestly: “Yes, I feel bad. But I have a son and I need to set an example for him. I will always smile even when I encounter any difficulty. There is no obstacle one cannot overcome. I need to develop his optimistic attitude.”

She had cancer when she was forty. She was still optimistic as usual in the hospital. She would go outside to water flowers and plants. When she was alone with her son, she shed tears and told her son: “Mom has been educating you all your life. You need to smile in the face of any difficulty you will encounter later.”

Her son promised her: “Mom, I will.”

After she was gone, her son follows her wish and is always open and broadminded and always has a smiling face.

That woman was my Mom. There is no obstacle one cannot overcome. Please smile regardless of what is going on.

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