The will of a millionaire- the richness of morality

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From Ancient Tales of Wisdom

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The Richness of Morality

”I agree with Hiada inheriting all of the assets of my father. I only propose that Hiada become my wife." Hiada thought briefly “……, I accept all the assets from the older generation, including his son.” (Courtesy Loelle/Flickr)

SOH, the home of Ancient Tales of Wisdom, brings stories that enrich the deepest and original centre of our being. This beautiful heart-touching story, also fulfils this quest. It encompasses the principles of honesty, kindness, strength of character and much more. It also reveals how the virtues of truthfulness and compassion, sincerity and integrity can open the widest door and bring forth life-long rewards, to both the rich and poor alike.

Hello again, this is Grace Mann, from the SOH Radio Network. In Ancient Tales of Wisdom, today I have a beautiful and heart warming story to share with you. So, for now, sit back relax and enjoy “The Will of a Millionaire.”

Many years ago on a bitterly cold winter night in Washington, D.C., a prominent businessman’s wife accidentally dropped her purse in a hospital. The businessman was extremely concerned when his wife returned home and told him, and immediately returned to the hospital in the hope of finding it.  The reason for his anxiousness was because the purse not only contained $100,000 in cash, but also a very confidential marketing document.

As the businessman hurried into the hospital, in the distance, he saw a very gaunt young girl squatting down in the hallway, trembling from the cold. He instantly stopped and walked toward the girl, as he got closer, could see the purse she was holding was identical to that of his wife’s.

He spoke quietly and gently with the young girl who told him her name was Hiada and that she’d brought her sick mother to the hospital earlier to see the doctors. It was obvious that both mother and daughter were very poor and totally dependent on each other. Hiada went on to tell the businessman that they’d sold everything worth selling and had gathered enough money for her mother to stay in the hospital for just one night.

Young Hiada continued to openly share her and her mum’s dilemma with the businessman, telling him how she had been helplessly pacing back and forth in the hospital hallway praying for God’s blessing, hoping to meet a kind-hearted person who would in some way be able help save her sick mother. Then Hiada told the businessman, that as she was pacing, through the glass wall, she saw a woman drop her purse without noticing when hurrying down the hospital stairs and out the door. Hiada went on to say, I was the only person in the hallway at that time so I quickly hurried to get her purse from the stairwell and then rushed out the door to try and find the lady, but by the time I got outside she was nowhere to be found.  So, with that I returned to my mum’s hospital room. I opened the purse, and both my mother and I looked at each other in amazement at what we saw. I believed my prayers had been answered, and we both knew that the money in the purse could without doubt help with her illness. However, after our brief thoughts, my mother insisted I return to the hallway and wait for the person who would come back looking for the purse.

With that, Hiada looked at the business man and quietly said ‘this purse belongs to your wife doesn’t it!’ By this time, the businessman and Hiada had developed a special bond.

Despite the businessman’s greatest efforts to help both Hiada and her mother for their noble deed, Hiada’s mother insistently refused all offers.

Because her was passing imminent, Hiada’s mother also insisted that it was time for her daughter to find her own way in life without her.

The businessman then left.  Though he stayed in touch with the lonely Hiada after her mother’s passing, and in due course he and his wife graciously took her in.

The honest actions of Hiada and her mother, not only helped the businessman get his $100,000 cash back, but also, the returned marketing document went on to make his business very successful, granting him millionaire status.

During the years that followed, the businessman’s wife passed away and Hiada completed her college education.  She then helped the millionaire take care of the business. Although the he never appointed her to any actual position, over time, his wisdom and experience exerted great influence on her, making her a mature and influential businesswoman.

In his later years the millionaire businessman, would ask Hiada’s opinion on many issues. Then when he was about to leave the world, he left the following will, at it said;

“Before I got to know Hiada and her mother I already had lots of money, but when I stood in front of the mother and girl who found this giant amount of money when in sickness and poverty, yet did not put it into their own pocket, I realised that they were the richest. They had safeguarded the highest standard as humans and this was what I lacked as a businessman. My money mostly came through tricks and fighting with others. It was they who made me understand- that the most important possession in life is one’s moral conduct. I took Hiada in, neither for the sake of returning the grace nor out of sympathy. Instead, it was because I found her to be the epitome of a human being.

With Hiada beside me, I would remember clearly at all times what I should and shouldn’t do, what money I should make and how I should make it. This is the fundamental reason for my business becoming even more prosperous and my becoming a millionaire. After my death, my millions of dollars worth of assets are all left to Hiada to inherit. I do this not for my business to be more successful or prosperous. I deeply believe that my smart son will understand his father’s careful thoughts.”

When the millionaire’s son who lived far away came back for his father’s funeral, he carefully read his father’s will and immediately signed the asset inheritance agreement without any hesitation. He also wrote an avowal that stated “I agree with Hiada inheriting all of the assets of my father. I only propose that Hiada become my wife.”

Upon learning of the millionaire’s son having signed the agreement and the son’s proposal, Hiada thought briefly and counter signed the agreement and added the statement “I accept all the assets from the older generation, including his son.”

I trust you enjoyed today’s story line as much as I have.

Stay tuned to the home of Ancient Tales of Wisdom for more wonderful stories that share great wisdom, warm your heart, and bring a smile to your face.

I’ll be with you again soon,  in the meantime, laugh lots, be happy and always bear in mind, I am the richest when I safeguard my morality.


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