A tiny advantage has far reaching consequences

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Source: Tales of Wisdom, Sound of Hope Radio Network
Posted by Grace Mann on Monday, January 18th, 2010

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A tiny advantage has far reaching consequences. (NCBrian/Flickr)

Our Ancient Tale of Wisdom today tells of how “A Tiny Advantage has Far-reaching Consequences .”  Hello again , my name is Grace Mann, welcome to Ancient Tales of Wisdom.

Before our tiny tale today, let’s listen to our Shen Yun Performing Arts – Quote of the Day from an audience member attending the final Sacramento Show on Tuesday 13th January. 

As Shen Yun with its live orchestra moves into the fifth week of its 2010 Global Tour, it continues to ‘transcend all classes, all ages, and all ethnic backgrounds.’

And now, sit back, take five and listen to how A Tiny Advantage has Far-reaching Consequences.

During the Qing Dynasty, under the reign of emperor Kang Xi Xinhai, a couple were occupied watering their fields at the bottom of Mount Xielu in the Kunshan Mountain range. A sudden storm arose and a lightening strike killed the husband. The villagers thought the husband had been an honest man and could not understand his fate. His wife burst out: “It happened because of 18 lbs. of meat.”

Astonished, the people wanted to hear more.

“Last winter my husband rowed the boat to town, to pay the taxes and the lease on the land. As he tied up the boat he noticed a chunk of meat sitting in an empty boat nearby. No one was around, so he took the meat, brought it home and weighed it, it was 18lbs.Eventually it was discovered that the meat belonged to a rich family who lived along the river. The maid who was washing the meat in the river had become distracted, and she deserted her task.

“When she returned, the meat was nowhere to be found. Her enraged mistress scolded the servant severely when she returned empty-handed and beat her, accidentally killing her. The master of the house became extremely upset when he discovered what his wife had done. The wife became so distraught that she committed suicide by hanging herself. And now my husband is dead from a lightning strike.

The wife said “When gaining at the expense of others, if the gains are not meant to be ours, one might get the impression to have won something, but in reality it bodes badly for others, brings only misery to oneself and one loses virtue.

She concluded: “see, a small advantage can lead to far-reaching consequences!”

Thanks again for joining us for Ancient Tales of Wisdom on the SOH Radio Network.  Stay tuned for more wise words from ancient times.

Also, stay posted for up-date details throughout the next few weeks as we fine- tune the launch of our ATW Premium Gold Pass.

Until next time, laugh lots, be happy and choose not, any tiny advantage.

Story Source:  The Epoch Times
(with slight modifications)


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