Do Not Draw a Circle on the Ground and Imprison Yourself

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Sep 3, 2009

[] Ran Qiu was a disciple of Confucius. One day he said to Confucius, “I like Master’s theory; however, I lack abilities.” Confucius said to him, “A person without enough ability will stop halfway, but you have not even started. You are drawing a circle on the ground and imprisoning yourself.”

Liang Qiuju, a minister in the Qi State of King Jinggong (547-490 B.C.), once spoke with Yang Yin (?-500 BC), a well known political thinker who advised three emperors of the Qi state. He once said to Yan Ying “I could not catch up with you even by the time I die.”

Yan Ying said, “I hear that anyone who does his utmost to do things will ultimately succeed. A person who persists in going ahead without feeling tired will ultimately arrive at his destination. There is no difference between others and me. I just try to do things without giving up. Why can’t you catch up with me?”

These two stories tell us that, whatever you are doing, if you try your best with persistence and insist on moving ahead towards your destination, you will be rewarded with as much as you’ve put in. If you draw a circle on the ground and imprison yourself, then you will get nothing.

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Adapted from Clearwisdom.


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